A patio umbrella like no other, now available for restaurants, hotels and designers in the UK
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High quality, easy to use patio umbrellas

Shade Forever Powerbrellas are made completely from stainless steel and use a unique gas powered open and close mechanism which is free of pulleys, pins, cranks or latches.

This makes them stylish, simple to use and virtually maintenance free!

Finger-light to operate - gently lift the arms and they open, as if by magic. Simply pull down the central hub and the umbrella will close and stay closed.

the best umbrella available

Originating from South Africa, the Shade Forever Powerbrella has been designed to last, using heavy duty materials and innovative design.


  • Stunning architectural design
  • Easy to open and close with no pulleys, pins or latches
  • Centre-pole and cantilever umbrella options


  • Restaurants, bars and coffee shops
  • Hotels
  • Homes and gardens


  • Low maintenance
  • Made completely from stainless steel
  • Built to last

Umbrella range

The Shade Forever Powerbrella range comes in three sizes with centre-pole and cantilever options.

2.1m square

Square umbrella
  • 2.1 metres high
    4.4 square metres
  • Centre-pole only
  • This umbrella is perfect for creating an 'identity space' for restaurant tables or lounging at the pool.

3.0m hexagonal

3.0 hexagonal umbrella
  • 2.1 metres high
    5.9 square metres
  • Centre-pole or cantilever
  • This umbrella is great for restaurants, hotels and the home, especially for the smaller designer patio.

3.5m hexagonal

Hexagonal umbrella
  • 2.1 metres high
    8.0 square metres
  • Centre-pole or cantilever
  • This large umbrella is the perfect shade provider for patios and terraces where a large shade area is needed.


Frequently asked questions about Shade Forever Powerbrellas.

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